Thursday, November 29, 2007

Urban 4

Urban 4

Pedestrian tunnel at night, Enmore.

Note: This is another pic that Blogger has cropped. Please click through to see the full photo - I really like this one!

I'm discovering I really like night photography. Tonight I headed out at dusk, hopping down the road with the tripod hanging out of my bag and occasionally banging me on the arm (I've now gotten the knack of using the bang to push it back into place for a few more hops. I got down to the tunnel, set myself up at the top of the steps, took two pictures at the Newtown end of the tunnel before coming down here to do the stuff I wanted to do... and the camera battery died.

I sighed, packed myself up, hopped up the hill, charged the battery for half an hour, then repeated the whole process again. Success! I love night photography. I am, however, going to invest in a backup battery, and take the folding stool. Those 30 second exposures are ouch on my good foot.

The lovely Xole of Succulent Obsession has kindly offered to help me tweak blogger so it stops cropping my pictures for me, so hopefully your clicking reflexes won't get overused for too much longer!

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Xole Karman said...

Wow. I really love this. As in 'I want to put it on my wall' love this.

I like the dreamy colours and the balance of tunnel and lens flare

Can I have a hi-res version for my desktop piccy?