Saturday, January 29, 2011

Operation Cripple Crutches - Buy the Prints!

UPDATE - Thanks to two secret squirrels, I will soon have shiny crutches!
Prints are still on sale; profits will be going into my general medical expenses pool. See this evening's post for details.

Most of you know that I use crutches. In fact, from the amount of time I spend complaining about them, I expect you're all aware of the fact. And given the complaining, you're probably also aware of just how difficult/painful/damaging it is to be using them long-term.

But, my physio called yesterday to tell me about some new ones she'd seen an ad for, which she thought I might be interested in. Take a look at the smartCRUTCH.

smartCRUTCH - they even come in pink!

Exciting, aren't they! Other than the horrible name, that is. I keep wanting to yell about intelligent crotches - but that may be just me.

I want a pair. Unfortunately, it looks like they'll cost me around $200 Australian, once I figure in shipping and so on. And while I have room on the credit card for them, with uni fees due and other incidentals, paying them back will be problematic.

So, enter Operation Cripple Crutches.

I've put together three images from my Chinese Gardens images. One of them y'all have seen before; it's the most popular image from the free desktop wallpapers I made last year, and a favourite of mine as well. The other two are new. I'm selling 8 x 10 inch prints, unframed, of each of these images for $30 (plus $5 postage if you need it sent to you, either in Australia or internationally).

If you can't afford a print (and have a thing for strangely disturbing art), stick around - I'll be posting a booklet from my latest finished project in the next few days.

In the meantime, if you're looking for some art for a wall or a workdesk, or maybe a present for someone, you know what to do!

Waterfall, Chinese gardens
Waterfall, Chinese Gardens

Buy Print

Bamboo over water
Bamboo over water

Buy Print

Quiet pool and sunlight, Chinese gardens
Quiet Pool and Sunlight

Buy Print

And thanks, y'all!


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Fotograaf Tallinnas said...

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