Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, I'm back

Shoes by the Surf, Phuket
Tropical idylls by sand & sea

The holiday was lovely. So much light and warmth and fun - and great food! I do love South-East Asia, and Malaysia in particular - the people are warm and friendly (except for one cab driver who grumped from Penang airport most of the way into Georgetown), the food fabulous, and there are so many interesting things to see. And I get to watch so many different cultures and lifestyles interacting in a friendly and mostly positive way, which is a perennial fascination and a joy to me.

Penang temple, from noodle house
So many different things for so many different people!

Now, of course, I'm home, away from tropical idylls and the time-out that a holiday affords. I brought back a geshtomping great big cold with me, so have spent the last few days drowning in my own flood of mucous, and only leaving bed to get more fluids or go to the bathroom. Now, though, the mucous-tide is receding, and I'm left to confront the question:

What the hell do I do now?

My last work role is officially behind me. Sadly, I'm not independently wealthy, so even though I'd really like to travel lots, take many pictures, hold exhibitions, and start up small non-profit organisations to help people have more choices in their lives, I do actually need an income to do all that.

So what do I do? I'd prefer not to have to travel 4 hours a day like the previous role, and I'd kinda like to feel like I was working in a functional environment. Ideally, I'd quite like to go back into naturopathic practice, but I really, really don't want to go back to running my own business for a near-nothing cash flow, which kinda lets that idea out, unless I can find someone willing to pay me to do it.

Longhouse, Borneo - where to from here
But where to from here?

I'm not entirely sure I'd like to go back to supplement formulation, either. It looks to me like the 'natural products' market is moving further and further away from what I'd consider 'natural', and I'm not entirely comfortable with being part of that. Maybe I could go work in Singapore or somewhere making supplements there - from what I've seen, the market is still looking for products that are what I'd consider traditional remedies. Err... does anyone have any contacts in Singapore?

Other than that, I'm sure that there are many things I could do. I've got a good, fast grasp of structure and process, and can analyse a problem well. I actually quite like working within a business environment, but I don't like hypocrisy (or marketing), which I suspect may limit my options.

I'm stuck. I know what I'd like to achieve - I'd like to help people be happier, healthier, and have more choice in their lives. But I have no ideas on how to go about it - especially how to do it in a way that provides a good income for me as well.

So, oh great and wise internet, tell me: Where should I look for work, and what should I look for? Remember, too, I'm disabled, so heavy lifting, waiting tables, and retail are all probably out.

Please, comment and let me know what you think.

Fairy Caves, Kuching
Always a path onwards, in one form or another

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