Sunday, May 30, 2010

Over in the Feedbag

If you've been wondering what's become of me the last week or so, I have another blog going. It's inspired by a food co-op I'm part of - a bunch of us make fortnightly trips very early out in the morning to the produce markets out at Flemington, then divide the resulting tonne of fresh vegies, fruit, and often meat & dairy products, between the individual members.

Teapot, Beetroot, and the kitchen bench
Fresh beetroot and my favourite teapot

Because what we get each week depends on what's fresh and in season, it's hard to predict exactly what we'll get in each box. And since we're all an adventurous lot, there's usually at least one item we wouldn't usually buy, just for the fun of it. We've all become quite inspired by all this delicious food, and at least one other person has started up his own blog to talk about the things he's cooking - you can see it over on Inner City Cook.

So I've started writing about my feedbag adventures, complete with recipes, rambles about ingredients, and the occasional digression off to tea, wholefoods, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Garlic bulb & single clove garlic
Single-clove garlic has been making a frequent appearance

And, of course, there's lots of food photography.

Now that there's more than a couple of posts there, pop over to the Feedbag have a read, if you're interested in good food, or fresh produce. And naturally, I'll still be here discussing photography as well.

Matcha bowl and whisk
And the occasional digression into tea

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