Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Publication

A little while ago, just after the Newtown by Night exhibition closed, I was discussing what I'd like to do with my photos. One of the things I came up with at that time was that I'd like to see them in a print publication somewhere. I set myself a deadline to work to - I wanted to see something of mine in a magazine before the end of the year.

NbN Opening Night-8
Opening Night, Newtown by Night

And, thanks to Kay, the co-ordinator of the Contemporary Division of the Australian Photography Society, it's happened. Selected highlights from Newtown by Night are printed in this month's Image magazine, the APS journal. It's only available to APS members, sadly, but that's still almost two and a half thousand people who've been sent my printed work - hooray! Thanks again Kay for suggesting I submit the work!

The next challenge, I think, will be to start entering some photographic competitions. I don't have any great hopes of winning anything - my style is somewhat understated, and I dislike most of the currently fashionable looks for images, but I want to enter some contests regardless. I'd also like another exhibition - I have a body of work called 'Tales from the Tropics' I'd like to see somewhere, and I'm considering putting a book together some time next year. And of course I have several ongoing photographic projects I'd like to do more with.

Penang -1
Tales from the Tropics - Trishaw time out, Penang

And I really, really need to re-design the website so it's better organised.

Of course, I'm also planning on starting a major non-photographic commitment next year as well, so I'm not sure where I'll find time for all of this, but I'll manage somehow. Wish me luck!

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