Monday, August 17, 2009

Art for art's sake?

I've been pondering recently - since the exhibition, at least -what to do with the images I create. Making art is one thing, but if no-one ever sees it, what then? If art falls in a forest, does anybody care?

I photograph because I want to, because I'm driven to, and because there are things I see that I want to comment on or share. I also believe very strongly that art (craft, imagery, call it what you will), is ideally a part of life, not something separate and sacred. There's definitely a place for complicated, self-referential, obscurely-idiomed art that needs a 4-year degree to understand it - but it's not my place. I'm really not into artsclusivity.

What, then, should I do with my work? It looks better in person than onscreen, I've noticed - there's a certain amount of presence and depth that doesn't seem to come out of a monitor as it does a print. I'd like another showing somewhere, although I'm still trying to work out where (and where is likely to take me). I'd also really like to have work published; if anyone knows a good photography/art publication that they think would like my stuff, let me know.

So, two questions that I'd love to hear comments on, please:

1. If you make things, what do you do with the finished product?

2. Is there anywhere you'd like to see my stuff? Or any suggestions for how to get it there?

(Yes, technically that's three questions. I know.)

Comment and post your answers, or email if you'd prefer, and I'll discuss the responses in a later post. Thanks!

Water Lilies, Melaka

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