Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still here, and so are the photos

Whew; it's been a busy few weeks. I have a new lens (see the images below), and a new monitor calibrator, so I can find out just how poorly my monitor has been showing my images.

The exhibition is going well; 5 framed photos have sold, which is a very nice feeling. Four more and I reach my goal - hooray! For anyone who hasn't seen them yet, Newtown by Night will be up for another three weeks; make sure you drop in and have a look. The coffee at Berkelouw is also worth trying!

Pain levels are acting up quite badly, though - I'm working through a daze of pain and medications today, and am currently mildy dreading the upset stomach I'm about to have from the ibuprofen. Cold, damp weather exacerbates both the arthritis and the nerve pain, and I'm tired enough that it's all a bit too hard.

Still, my bad days are better than my good ones used to be. So onwards, upwards, and always twirling towards freedom. Besides, who could be cranky with Harry the kitten around?

Harry looks cute
The new lens takes beautiful photos of other people's new kittens!

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Xole Karman said...

Aww, Harry!

See you soon. We'll have to borrow your kittens...