Saturday, June 13, 2009

5 Days and Counting

So, five days until opening night. Oddly enough, I'm no longer very nervous; just excited. All the images are framed, which is a huge weight off my mind. I realised this morning, though, that I'd forgotten to sign them, so one of tomorrow's jobs will be opening the frames back up and signing the mats. Assuming I can find my pencil sharpener, that is - if anyone sees a pencil sharpener roaming truant-like around the wilds of Stanmore, could they send it back to me, please?

And naturally, now they're done I can see all the tiny bits of dust that somehow managed to creep in unseen while I was framing; it'll be good to clean then up again while I sign them.

NbN Framed and ready

Dust motes aside, I'm very much enjoying looking at the collection, now they're all matted, mounted and framed. There's a presence to a properly-framed picture that a loose print just doesn't have, and seeing all of them together gives an impact that I'm proud of, and a little surprised; they seem like seperate pieces of art now, not just my pictures. It's a very good thing.

Next I take a break, then start writing the dreaded Artist's Statement. Fortunately, with this body of work I'm very aware of the concepts I'm working with, so the difficulty is going to be in phrasing myself clearly and concisely, not in fumbling to explain a half-felt idea.

I'll see some of you on Thursday night!

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Skate said...

I wish I could be there.