Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aikido Yuisinki

Aikido Yuishinkai-1

As I mentioned yesterday, my partner M did his black belt grading in Aikido about 2 weeks ago, and I went along as semi-official photographer for both the grading and the class beforehand. It was a lot of fun to photograph; I sat myself under the nearest piece of furniture, and waited for everyone to forget I was there. I only had to duck flying people a couple of times, so it went well!

You can see the full gallery of images here, or if you want more information on this really friendly and nice bunch of people, you can go to the Aikido Yuishinkai site here.

Aikido Yuishinkai-3


Dave said...

I was for AIKIDO and found your blog. I must say: really nice pictures, great locations.

Arwen said...

Hey, thanks! Nice to see you - if you're looking around for Aikido groups, the Yushinkai are definitely worth checking out - although it might be a bit too much of a commute from the Netherlands ;)

Arwen said...

Oh, and I almost forgot - you can see a video of the grading at - my partner brought his video along too. I was sitting almsot underneath it for a large part of the grading.