Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PhotoChallenge 3

PhotoChallenge 3

Cat in leaves.

It's been an eventful few weeks, for my photography at least. Firstly, I managed to leave my camera on the bus. Yes, I realise I'm an idiot. Trust me, I really do realise it. It didn't manage to turn back up, despite checking at Wynyard Station (where I left it), and with the depot. If anyone sees a lost Canon 400D wandering around, send it back home, please?

So I bought a replacement over Christmas; a very shiny new Canon 40D, which I'm still learning to use. We got back from family celebrations in Perth, all ready to get processing... and my computer died.

Apple have informed me that as my desktop is five years old, it's a 'vintage' model and they're not allowed to repair it, or even offer advice. A friend has chipped in with some helpful suggestions, so hopefully between us we can get it back up and running. For the moment, my little laptop is valiantly trying to run Lightroom for me, brave little camper that it is.

Hopefully nothing else 'interesting' happens before the next challenge!

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