Monday, June 9, 2008

Spice 1

Spice 1

Vanilla orchid, Tropical Spice Gardens, Penang.

I'm cheating a little, here - this shot wasn't taken this week, obviously enough, and I didn't take it specifically for the 'Spice' theme. It does follow the one shot rule, though. And how could I pass it up? It's a real, live vanilla orchid! Sadly, it had no vanilla beans for us to steal, though.

Speaking of the one shot rule, thank you to the people on both this blog, and on the livejournal feed who commented and gave feedback on yesterday's atrocity. After a bit of thought, I've decided to cut myself some slack - if I come up with another shot as spectacularly awful as the last one, I'll discard it and re-shoot.

If anyone disagrees, or wants to put in a vote for more terrible photos, be sure to comment!

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