Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday 6

Room with a view

Room with a view.

I took far more photos than I realised in Penang! There was so much more I wanted to show you- the painted VW Beetle with it's own woven-cane sunhat, the old man in the markets with the daughter who was studying in Melbourne, and the Eastern & Orient Hotel, where the Houseguest made me take dozens of photos so we could relive the luxuriance later... and much more.

Sadly, though, the week moves on, and it's time to go back to KL. We came back in, tired and sore from the busride, to the lovely Ancasa hotel. Such a comforting place to come home to! My trip has given me a fetish for white hotel sheets, I swear.

This photois our view from the hotel window. That thing that looks like a less daggy Centrepoint is the KL Tower, and to its right you can see one of the Petronas towers, with the second hiding just behind it. Sadly, we couldn't tell if Catherine Zeta-Jones was danging from them.

Nice view, yes?

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