Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holiday 4


Ruins of Shih Chung Branch School, Georgetown.

There was an old, abandoned Protestant cemetery around the corner from our first guest house, and being me I had to check it out. It was amazingly beautiful; overgrown frangipanis hanging over graves shrouded in moss and lichens, Old Man's Beard draping over all. You can see pictures in today's gallery.

When I peered over the fence of the graveyard, though, I saw this.

As near as I can tell, it was burned down. It was sitting in the middle of its block in grand decay, with the afternoon sun creating dramatic highlights for a fallen beauty. We went a little way inside; but not far. By this stage, I was very, very sore, and the ground was humped with rubble and debris; not the most stable base for crutches.

Poor house; its only students now are trees.


marcus said...

it shall be mine....oh yes!

Arwen said...

You open up a Wu Chi school in the ruins, and I'll start a photography business, and we can both run a by donation clinic and teahouse as well?