Sunday, March 16, 2008


I started this blog to get comfortable with digital photography, and improve my photography in general - and to make pictures and have some fun along the way. I'd like to think my skills are improving, albeit slowly. The pictures are coming faster these days; it's easier to visualise them, and easier to process them after I've pressed the button to shoot. I'm feeling limited by different things than the difficulties I had when I started, which is nice.

Have you noticed any differences, oh long-term readers? Post and let me know! I sometimes wonder if I'm speaking to the ether, so it's always very nice when I hear another voice.


Clotho said...

Hmmm ... I don't know whether it's because of mobility issues or because that's where you're interested at the moment, but I've noticed that most of your recent work has been in closeup.

I'm curious! It's beautiful work, I really love your sense of dramatic composition and lighting :)

Arwen said...

Eee, thank you! You're right; I really haven't been able to get out and shoot as much as I'd like to, so I've been making a learning experience of necessity.