Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food 2

Food 2

Fruit salad of melons and orange, with raspberry-yogurt sauce.

Fruit's my most common dessert, these days. I'm usually content to chop it up and wolf it down, though; especially watermelon. I love watermelon. The presentation was the interloper's idea, and the raspberry sauce. Sooooo tasty. (Comment if you want the recipe)

Y'all nearly got a very different picture tonight. I woke up this morning, got ready for work, and as I was hunting for my bag to hop out the door, I noticed that a window was open... with a chair lined up against the wall beneath it.

Some bastard had grabbed a chair from out back, climbed in the window... and nicked my bag. Which meant my wallet, keys, medication... all gone. On top of some very bad family news, and with my partner overseas, having some dog-munching camel-humper in my house really seemed the final straw. I sat in a corner and cried for a bit, then started calling the police and canceling cards.

I was really angry, and feeling bereft, so you almost had a picture of an empty plate with a few angry crumbs in it. But some very dear friends piled on the sympathy and offers of lifts and loans and love, and the sun came out this afternoon. And in the end, events are just events, no matter what the emotions we hang on them.

And watermelon is sweet and crunchy, and the lychee sake you can't see there is cold and smooth and faintly sweet. And life is life, after all.

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