Monday, December 24, 2007

Extra 1

Extra 1

House on the corner, Newtown.

Another one from the Night sequence, this is. I realy liked it, but didn't find a way to include it in its proper week... so you're getting it now. This is a prettily colourful house during the day, but at night, as you can see, it glows.

As you can see, I'm still well and truly infatuated with night photography.

The computer I'm using while I'm away doesn't seem to like showing images. I've checked and triple checked the links, and they seem fine, so I'm hoping it's just the vaguaries of an older machine. If anyone else is not seeing the photos, comment, please, so I know it's not just me. Actually, I'd quite like it if you'd comment if you CAN see them too, so I can stop worrying.



Xole Karman said...

Hi sweetie! I can see this photo, but the last three didn't show up on my blogroll, or on your site when I clicked through. Seems to be working now, though.

And; great shot!

Arwen said...

Yeah, I worked out what was going on, with help from the clever lj people. I didn't realise that putting pics into a hidden gallery made them hidden too. Should be fine now... until I run into the next problem, of course!

And thanks - I'm looking forward to getting out over the next week and doing a bunch of night stuff before we move.