Thursday, November 8, 2007

Texture 4

Texture 4

My new coat.

On Sunday I was very sore. The meds weren't helping, and I felt creaky and slow and stupid - everything hurt, and the effort required to do anything seemed all too much. Then I found this coat; well, oversized cardigan. A nice high, fluted collar, sleeves that fit comfortably into crutches, and a good warm length to fall midthigh and hug. You can see the softness from the picture, and the finger-stroking texture. I bought it, of course,and it came home with me.

It being nearly summer, though, I didn't think I'd get to wear it until the season turned. Luckily Sydney weather took pity on me, and it's been cold and rainy ever since. The cold makes my aches worse, but I'm bundled in a warm, soft fire-engine comforter, so it all seems better.

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