Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving On

Stone 1

Today is my last day in my current job. I resigned about 4 weeks ago, and have been holding on with increasing grimness as my notice period dripped away - and here I am at my last day.

There are a lot of people I'll miss, and I'll miss the excitement of bringing products to market, and the interest of finding out up close what makes businesses tick, but very little else. Dealing with a high-stress job with poorly-defined responsibilities and processes, chronic pain and disability, study, and up to 4 hours travel each day is damned hard, and the job stopped being worth the pain some time ago. So I tried to change things, and when that didn't help, I quit.

People keep asking if I'm scared, leaving one job without another lined up and waiting for me, and I am, a little. But mainly I'm relieved - that I have the chance to get my health and creativity back, and that I've chosen to walk away before I reach a point of no return. I know I'll find another job, even if it's just something to get me through uni. And I'm so, so grateful that I've finally been able to trust myself and my instincts, and make the leap of faith without needing to be shoved.

So, tomorrow I fly away for two weeks holiday - one week in Thailand to relax and recover, and a week in Borneo and Penang wandering around doing interesting things. Yes, of course, there'll be photographs.

And then I come home, and start to find out what happens next. I'm looking forward to it!


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