Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review - Ichikawadaimon

I've been reading a little photo book recently, after finding a review of it on The Exposure Project. Called Ichikawadaimon, it's been put together by LA-based photographer Ye Rin Mok, and is gentle, quiet look at the eponymous Japanese town Ichikawadaimon. There are no words, just seemingly straightforward pictures of a Japan I also caught glimpses of when I was there last May.

A lot of the tourist-style photos I see coming out of Japan empahise the noise and glitter of the country, which wasn't an aspect I saw coming through while I was there. Two weeks is not nearly enough to claim to even begin to understand a country, but the country I saw reminded me far more of Ye Rin Mok's ordinary-semming, unfetishised photographs than the hypercoloured hysteria so many other photographers bring back.


The limited edition book is for sale on Etsy. My copy is #51 - I'm not sure how many will still be left.

And yes, my photos from Japan are coming!

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