Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo

My apologies for the radio silence; I'd intended to post earlier, but discovered too late that I didn't have a RAW editor on the little netbook I'd brought traveling, so I couldn't post any pictures. I carefully remembered to shoot some shots as RAW and jpg today, so I could post a couple on the run, and here we are.

I hate to boast, but... we're having an AMAZING time. We're staying in Shinjuku at the moment, and were wandering around this morning, ending up in a teahouse while we took the scenic route to the station (it turned out to be the very scenic route, and we missed the station entirely, but oh well!).

Green tea and dumplings, Leaf cafe, Tokyo

The other highlight of the day was finding a cat cafe in Shim-Tanazawa. My long suffering partner, M, let me drag him in for an hour of cat observation and iced coffee. Some of the fluffiest, most contented cats I've seen lounged around decoratively, or killed cat toys while the locals watched or chatted - to the accompaniment of much delighted squealing.

Persian kills Persian, cat cafe, Tokyo

It's all so much fun! I think I now speak about 20 words of Japanese, from my original 10, so I've even doubled my vocabulary. We're definitely coming back.

Cat toy discussions, cat cafe, Tokyo Kawaii!

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