Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaNoPhoMo Wrapped Up

Whew. Made it, if only just.

I need to thank my partner, the gracious M, who kindly pressed the button on my camera from the tripod, when I needed to sit too far away for the cable release to work. He also reluctantly consented to take pictures when I was rolling around on the floor with a giant stuffed squidhat. Thank you, M!

So what have I learned? Mainly that I'm terrible with narrative. I've never liked telling a straightforward, linear story; apparently that's because I'm crap at it. Next year, I sit down and storyboard the whole thing out early. Which in itself will be a big challenge, but hey.

I'd also like to thank my coterie of stuffed cephalopods, without whom none of the brain hijacking would be possible.

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