Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KL Streets

KL streets 2

KL hadn't changed much, unsurprisingly enough - it was only a few months since I'd been there last. It was comforting, though - I feel oddly at home there. The smells, the heat, and the noise and movement all feel strangely familiar. It was a good feeling.


kyles anima said...

colorful photo!

Arwen said...

Thanks! KL's a very vivid city, I find - even the bits that aren't bright and colourful smack you in the face in one way or another.

You've got some lovely work on your journal, too; and it's so nice to see someone else out and doing things whether or not they're disabled.

*grins* My partner's a hypnotist as well - I'll have to poke him your way.