Sunday, July 6, 2008

Church 6

Church 6

St Barnabas Anglican church, Broadway.

St Barnabas burned down on May 10th, 2006. It's been gradually shrinking since then, as the rubble is removed and the remaining walls slowly dismantled. It stood there for 150 years, and was well known for the long-running battle of signboards with the pub over the road. The pub fell vacant years ago; it's a cafe now, and of the church, only the signboard and a few crumbling arches remain.

The parish definitely continues, though - Sydney University offered their Great Hall for the first few weeks, and they're now holding services in the church on King St, in Newtown, and planning a new church from the ruins of the old. They announced the winning entry in a design competition at the end of last year, and are currently fundraising to start rebuilding.

I wish them joy. You can find them here if you want to know more or help out!

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