Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spice 4 - and a prize!

Spice 4

Alice plays with nutmegs.

Isn't she cute? Alice is a doll from the Batsiranai project in Zimbabwe - she came to me from the Oxfam Fair Trade shop. Each doll has a twin, which goes to a child in Zimbabwe - Alice has Anna.

Nutmegs, of course, aren't African; but they still make great toys, don't you think?

It's been a bad day here. Not much sleep, since I kept waking to whimper and pull my thumb back into its socket. Been doing a fair amount of screaming today when I accidentally bend it, too; it's getting me down.

To cheer myself up, I figured I'd give out a prize. A random commenter on today's post - either here or on the livejournal community will win an Oxfam chicken. I'll draft someone to pull a name out of a hat and announce the lucky chicken recipient tomorrow, so get commenting!


Clotho said...

Wow – what a great idea :)

I love nutmegs.

Is it possible to put your arm in a sling, or at least strap your hand up so your thumb doesn't get accidentally bent? Or does that make mobility too difficult?

Arwen said...

Can't walk one-handed, sadly. I keep my thumb taped as much as I can - the sports bandage thingos don't help since I have to move the hand for crutches. I'm allergic to one of the tapes, though, and if I leave either on too long I'll start dissolving my skin > <
Ooky, yes?

Nevor said...

Yay for chickens and dolls, both pleasant things.

Rather less yay for unbehaving thumbs. :(

Anonymous said...

Alice has Anna in Zimbabwe.
Alice has nutmegs in Australia.
Awen has Alice.
Conclusion: Awen has Anna in Zimbabwe and nutmegs in Australia.
Who has the Oxfam chicken?