Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coffee 3

Coffee 3

Malaysian coffee bags.

I love Malaysian coffee. Love it! Thick and dark and sweet, with a huge dollop of condensed milk to make an oily slick of sweetness on the top. It's the junk food of coffee. And I haven't been able to get it in Australia - until I found these. These bags taste almost right to me - with a bit of sugar and condensed milk, I could almost imagine I'm sitting in the middle of a food court in the tropical heat, instead of cold and damp at home. I'm going to try other brands to see if I can get a little closer to my taste memory, but for the moment, I'm happy


aqouli said...

Mmmm, kopi-o! The only way to drink that stuff is to have it black as night and sweet as a kiss.

Arwen said...

Nono, you need the condensed milk there to round it all out!

We actually found Old Town White Kopi bags yesterday - those things are too sweet even for me, though.