Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are we there yet?

A big thank you to everyone who's voted on the survey. We've had a bigger turnout than normal - it's lovely to see people voicing an opinion about where we go from here. If you haven't yet voted, tomorrow is the last day, so get in quick!

A number of people have emailed me or talked to me in person about what they'd like to see in Tree in Forest. As I've said, all feedback is helpful, so make sure you comment or drop me an email.. or pin me down in person, for the locals.

I'm pretty close to reaching a final decision about what to do next. I'm still tossing a few ideas in my head, but I expect to make a post tomorrow with my decisions, and to get started with the new plan from next week.

I'm also tentatively talking to a potential new gallery about an exhibition, so wish me luck!

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