Friday, May 16, 2008

Showcase 4

Showcase 4

Abstract Swan, by Christina.

I miss Christina. She's a dear friend, originally from Melbourne, and now in Holland. As well as taking gorgeous pictures, she's a talented botanist, and one of the sweetest people I know. She's also the person who, when I was complaining about the problems of crutches in the rain, found me my miracle poncho (it's actually a Dutch design for bike riders, but it works well for cripples, too) - and replaced it when some bastard stole it.

She says: "The picture is of a swan on a lake near my old house in Enschede. I just loved the feathers against the dark water. I like taking photos of things where it takes a little while to figure out what it is if you don't have any information. "


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to say for ages how much I enjoy your photos. I think it was Christina who pointed the journal out to me and now we've come full circle with you showcasing a photo of hers I didn't know existed. Thank you!

(I love your photos of food especially... mmm, chocolate!)

Arwen said...

Hello, you - congrats on the wedding! Thanks for popping by - it's good to see you. And thanks for the compliment, too.

Mark-the-maker of chocolate says thanks, btw - and says if you send me your current snail-mail addy he'll send you some choccy.

marcus said...

I do love this reminds me of "The Great Wave", except with more swan

(and yes, I'll happily send chocolate, it is my Willy Wonkery way...)

Arwen said...

You're on blogger? Go you!