Monday, May 26, 2008

Announcement, and changes.

I originally started this project to learn how to use my spanky digital camera. Some things have changed since then, not least being that I'm now as comfortable shooting digital as film - sometimes more so.

Other things have changed as well, though. It's getting harder and harder to move around. The in pain my hands is making holding a camera difficult, and my overall pain levels are making setting up shoots and taking multiple angles and so on very trying. The amount of medications I'm on doesn't help anything, either.

I've noticed, too, that my photos are getting more and more affected by camera shake. When you have only part of one foot to stand on, holding your camera steady is very hard; especially when you don't have the ability to easily carry a tripod, or the energy to set one up and take it down every time you want to move a few steps. Then there's the problem of holding it when you can't close your fingers, or stretch your wrists.

Add in the stress of trying to work full time while disabled and in chronic pain, and something has to give.

I thought seriously about giving up the journal, but I've decided to do something else instead; I'm changing the rules.

So far, while I've been posting one shot per day, I've been taking a few different shots to make sure I get what I want - or as close as I can, anyway. From now on, it's not just going to be a choice for one shot per day. Instead, I'm going to do away with the hassle of multiple shots and different angles, and learn to get it right first off.

One shot, once.

So there'll still be a daily picture, and a weekly theme, but I'll only be taking one shot for each day. What does this mean? It means my photos are going to suck for a little while; while I learn to compose and light differently, and learn to take the time to ward against camera shake. Eventually, it'll hopefully make my work better; at the very least it'll teach me to take the time and consider each shot.

I hope you'll all stay with me for the journey.

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