Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sleep 5

Sleep 5

Wounded kitten nest.

The kitten has been nesting in here for the last few days. It's not normal for her - she usually likes sleeping somewhere obvious, so people can see her, praise her cuteness, and give her pats and love. But for the last few days, she's been sleeping here - in the back of a cupboard, hidden behind a shirt. We only tracked her down by the jingling from her collar when she woke up.

We found out why yesterday. Turns out she has a very large abscess on her leg - I discovered it by the trail of oozing pus and blood that was sliding pinkly down her fur. One very fast trip to the vet later, she's clipped, drained, medicated... and much happier. She's gone back to sleeping in the middle of the floor, and her hidden nest is abandoned.

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