Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More ramblings.

'Sleep' seems to be the longest theme ever! I do hope I haven't bored you all to... tears. (The 'sleep' pun was just too lame, even for me.) I'm hoping to have the last shot for the current theme up either tomorrow or Friday, which means a clean slate for next week.

I'm dilemna-ing, though. I have a nice, comfortable little theme in mind for the next project, and I think I have the necessary resilience to shoot it. Alternatively, I've been meaning to do a theme called 'Flashback', with some of my favourite shots from some of your favourite themes... and a new seventh shot for the theme y'all voted as most popular a few weeks back.

Since we all seems to like polls, and I'm trying out yet another poll site, you get a poll to answer to help me decide.

We'll be back to normal soon, promise!

Which theme would you prefer for next week?
New, yet-to-be-announced theme.
'Flashback' best-of theme.
Free polls from

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