Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Domestic 2

Domestic 2

Our toilet stopped working last week.

Just randomly, our toilet stopped filling after it was flushed. It's a confronting thing, an empty, broken toilet. The Houseguest peered at it and pulled things apart, and eventually worked out that yes, it wasn't filling. This was pretty obvious, but he also worked out that if we took most of the internal mechanism apart, and let the intake pipe fountain unstopped, we could then turn it off at the main pipe, then turn it back on long enough to let the cistern fill up. Salvation!

Of course, this meant frequent fountains of water on the bathroom floor. (Not fun for cripples without balance!) I messaged our lovely landlady, and once we managed to get hold of the plumber, it was all quickly fixed. Apparently some washers were very, very dead. He even fixed the shower so it could be turned off!


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