Friday, January 25, 2008


I've had several requests for prints of various pictures, and I'm thinking of making the process a little simpler. One of the options I've been considering is to just list each picture on RedBubble for sale - although that makes a lot of clutter, and some of the daily pictures are, in my opinion at least, a little average.

The other option is my preferred one - to do a weekly poll in which you can choose your favourite from the previous week, and I'll put the one with the most votes up on RedBubble, or a similar USA site for you Americans. And the third choice is to pick one myself each week.

So you get a poll! It's the first time I've tried adding a poll; here's hoping it works.

How would you prefer pictures to be offered?

Just list all of them for sale.
I'd like a weekly poll.
I'd prefer you choose one per week without input from me.
I'm not interested in owning prints. free polls

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