Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Texture 2

Texture 2

Grasses on the roadside, Glebe.

I love the textures in this shot - the grainy grit of the road and the fine slicing lines of the grass. It was taken just after torrential rain, with the water still glinting off the road, and the sunlight ruining my exposure. A beautiful day, though.

Visual texture has always played a large part in my appreciation for an image. For a long time I'd reject many of my photos because I didn't like the texture, no matter the quality of the picture as a whole. I'm learning to overcome that; it's much the same prejudice that had me underdoing the contrast in the darkroom for a very long time. But I'm no longer as threatened by the thought of making a definitive mark on the world, so bring it on!


Jenn said...

My stepfather LOVED those tall grasses. He planted them at his last house. He died a few years ago, and I just drove by the house recently, and those grasses are so tall and gorgeous now.

Arwen said...

They're lovely, aren't they. It's such dry country here that anything that will stay green and pretty no matter what is a huge boon.
I hope they bring back good memories!