Friday, October 12, 2007


I’ve only recently switched to digital photography; and I’m still trying to get my head around it. It’s a surprisingly difficult shift - I still think in film. The colours of digital are strange, and I can’t quite get my head around the instant gratification aspect of it, or the idea that one can shoot hundreds of pictures and then just erase them. It shouldn’t be as much of a paradigm shift as it is; but except for a few informal people-shoots at my birthday picnic, and another friend’s birthday, I’ve really done almost nothing with it. And that’s a shame.

Of course, being crippled doesn’t help. Most of you won’t know that I use crutches. I’ve walked with a walking stick since I was about 19, due to birth defects, but I managed to damage a nerve in my foot about a year ago, and can’t currently put any weight on it. Large doses of pain killers and an inability to walk without a crutch in each hand really doesn’t help shooting. While I’ve gotten very good at balancing on the crutches and holding a camera, the weight and bulk of an SLR has been prohibitive.

But no more! I’ll be getting better acquainted with my lovely shiny canon, and blogging so there’s something visual to stare at in the process. With all the time I’ve spent lately prone on a couch, I’ve been thinking a lot about my shooting - let’s see if it’s had an effect.

For the gearheads, I’ll be shooting with a Canon EOS 400D. I’m stuck with the 18-55ml kit lens, at least until I get comfortable enough with the camera to justify spending more money, but I’ve got a very shiny Tokina 17mm prime lens to supplement. I’m definitely looking forward to spending some quality time with it. And hoping like hell I can wait at least year or so before I decide I neeeeed to upgrade to a higher-end body!

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